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But the old man needed some attention. >3>  This here is a first and unfinished rendering of Gareth Lucian Deneret, my paladin on Wyrmrest Accord.  Still needs scarring, work on a beard, and most importantly, I need to make him his mechanical arm. :3  

I figure this is a good start, though.

While I was designing him, I was looking off this image of Vladimir Kulich for reference (seeing as how he’s his PB):  

These are the most NSFW asks I have ever seen. Obliterate me.


1. What tends to feel better for you, sex or masturbation?
2. Your 5 favorite spots to be stimulated.
3. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated?
4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals?
5. Do you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation?
6. Can you touch your clitoris directly, or does that hurt?
7. Are you well-acquainted with your G-spot?
8. Are handjobs boring, or underrated?
9. Do you like having your balls touched?
10. Do you like having your nipples touched?
11. Do you like having your anus touched?
12. Have you ever been fisted (anally or vaginally)?
13. Do you like mild roughness (scratching, spanking, hair-pulling, etc.)?
14. Do you have any kinks?
15. Are you into anything under the BDSM umbrella?
16. Do you pee in the shower?
17. Do you ever masturbate in the shower?
18. Have you had sex in the shower?
19. Do you like being naked?
20. Do you sleep partially/fully naked?
21. Have you ever skinny dipped?
22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done nude?
23. Have you ever to a nude beach, naked party, or other situation involving casual nudity?
24. Are you comfortable being seen partially/fully naked by family or friends (i.e. getting dressed, etc.)?
25. Are you comfortable with partners seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts?
26. Have you ever showered with someone (non-sexually)?
27. Do you care if a partner sees you going to the bathroom?
28. Do you have naked pictures/videos of yourself? If yes, have you sent them to anyone? Are they online?
29. How many sexual partners have you had?
30. How often do you masturbate?
31. Age you started masturbating? How did you discover/learn about it?
32. What position do you typically masturbate in (laying on back, on stomach, sitting up, etc.)?
33. Describe your masturbation routine, technique, etc.
34. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)?
35. Have you ever masturbated to the point you got sore?
36. Your thoughts the first time you got up close and personal with the opposite set of genitals?
37. Have you ever “compared” (genitals, breasts, whatever) with a friend?
38. What kind of underwear do you normally wear?
39. Do you ever go commando?
40. Have you ever had a wet dream/orgasmed in your sleep?
41. How big is your penis?
42. Does your penis curve at all?
43. Which testicle hangs lower?
44. How big are your breasts?
45. Do you long or short labia? Are they even or uneven?
46. Do you have a particularly large or tiny clitoris?
47. Are you circumcised or no? Are you happy with it?
48. Are you turned on or off by foreskin, or don’t care?
49. What are you more into (or like more about yourself), boobs or butts?
50. Do you find genitals physically attractive, or weird/gross, or not feel strongly either way?
51. Do you like the way your genitals look?
52. Would you be able to pick out your genitals from a lineup?
53. Do you like your butt?
54. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)?
55. Do you care/have a preference what partners do with their pubic hair?
56. Do you tuck your penis a certain way (i.e. left or right) when you get dressed?
57. Do you have or want any genital piercings? Do you like any on other people?
58. What is the quickest you’ve ever brought yourself (or been brought) to orgasm?
59. Do you ever “edge” (repeatedly stop and start) when masturbating?
60. What’s the longest masturbation session you’ve had? Longest sex session?
61. What’s the most orgasms you’ve had in one session (of anything)?
62. Do your orgasms tend to be full-body, or crotch-centric?
63. Spit or swallow?
64. When you ejaculate, do you more shoot or dribble?
65. Is it hot or gross to get ejaculated on?
66. Do you “squirt?”
67. Have you ever attempted (or succeeded) to give yourself oral?
68. Have you ever given/received a footjob, boobjob, etc.?
69. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
70. Have you ever had sex in a bed/on a couch that didn’t belong to either of you?
71. Have you ever had sex/masturbated while somebody was sleeping near you?
72. How many rooms of your house/apartment/etc. have you had sex in?
73. Strangest/most unique place you’ve had sex? How about masturbated?
74. Have you had any sexual experiences that were downright gross?
75. Are you particularly “vocal” when masturbating/having sex?
76. Have you ever been caught masturbating/having sex?
77. Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)?
78. Do you own any sex toys?
79. Have you ever used a homemade sex toy, or a regular object as a sex toy?
80. Can a dildo feel as good as a penis (assuming the person with the penis is good at what they do)?
81. What are your favorite positions?
82. Your most embarrassing sexual experience?
83. Worst place/time you’ve ever gotten a boner?
84. Have you ever had any genital injuries?
85. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted infection?
86. Have you ever had a non-sexually transmitted genital infection (yeast infection, etc)?
87. If you lack a penis, have you ever tried to pee standing up?
88. If you lack a penis, how familiar are you with how you look down there?
89. Do you think you’re “good” at sex, or your performance/skill could use improvement?
90. Have you “sexted” (whether through text messaging or IM chat)?
91. Have you masturbated for or with someone via webcam?
92. Have you have phone sex?
93. If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day, name 5 things you would do.
94. What’s something you like about your body?
95. What’s something you dislike about your body?
96. What body parts do you find the sexiest?
97. What was your most recent sexual thought?
98. Do you ever just play with your boobs, penis, labia, etc.?
99. When was the last time you touched your genitals?
100. Do you often imagine people naked?



Dooo ittttttt

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nice characters are good and important and strong

nice characters are not in any way inherently less interesting or complex or cool or badass than asshole characters

nice characters who go through hell and still remain good and kind and compassionate are so…









This is an actual article and I’m still having a hard time believing it’s real.


That is AWFUL. Please report it when you’re sexually harassed. If not for yourself, to try to protect future victims.


Look, I can understand circumstances where, yeah, reporting it is difficult and you would choose not to.  There are times when you literally HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE and it sucks, and those assholes are taking advantage of it.  Not every woman can put her source of income at risk like that, and the one thing the article gets right is that the laws DON’T always work, you are NOT guaranteed protection.

Which is why we need to keep fighting for better laws and better enforcement of policies.  Which is why when you CAN report it, you SHOULD and FIGHT against this mindset that it’s just something women have to deal with if we want to sit at the boys table.  Harassment is NOT just an inconvenience, it is dehumanizing, it is upsetting, it is a weapon used against women and it is BEYOND NOT OKAY. 

And of course: why the fuck are you acting like women should have to control whether they report it or not instead of the very basic fact that MEN SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS?!?!


You said all the things I meant to say but didn’t while blinded with rage and flailing at the keyboard. :)

What the holy FUCK?

Um… what the fuck even?

Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and keen, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.

Nightwish Asks: Nemo

Oh how I wish

For soothing rain

All I wish is to dream again

My loving heart

Lost in the dark

For hope I’d give my everything

Oh how I wish

For soothing rain

Oh how I wish to dream again

Once and for all

And all for once

Nemo my name forevermore


Grizzly Hills was a quiet place despite the excitement of years past, but even so he could feel the remnants, the loneliness of the place.  Returning here was struggle as much as it was solace, a reminder of what could have been and could never be—at least not as it had been.  He knew from the moment he had first stepped inside this place that she would not have preferred the rustic wooden panels bracing the log exterior to their stone-walled city-home, but there was something about this place.

Gareth rolled his shoulders, gritting his teeth against the familiar awkward pull of metal’s weight on bone, and set bulwark, sheathed blade, and traveling bags aside nearby the door.  As ever, the cabin smelled of pine and fur, although months closed in lent the air the beginnings of a stuffy feel.  Rather than shed armor and the heaviness of his mechanical arm, the old paladin turned to unlock and shove open the nearest windows to allow in fresh, cool air.

Beyond the whip of perpetual winter’s breeze, silence reigned within the walls, and for a time he stood to listen.  As much as solitude gave him time to pray, there was a hollowness to this place in an undeniable recognition that something was missing.

The aged human had never fancied himself a sociable sort—he had always left that up to her—but the absolute lack of others was a poignant thing after the bustling of cities and military camps.  This had been an excellent place to recover following the loss of his arm, away from the call of duty and secluded so no one would witness his discomfort—and the rage that followed at his inability.  But by now the artificial limb was as much a part of him as anything else, and the ache from its wear was merely another sufferance to continue his duty.  Now without the press of recovery to distract him, he was ever-reminded of his solitude.

Heart ringing with the pang of loss he could not entirely let go, Gareth walked the wide hallways with a grim sort of focus.  Piece by piece, well-crafted and blessed armor was placed upon its rack, sweaty leather jerkin doffed and draped aside until the paladin stood before the broad mirror in naught but fitted trousers.  Bare toes curled against the lacquered floor, and he raked his gaze over his form in solemn focus.  It was ritual more than admiration, deep blue-gray eyes studying the lines of his frame, the pinkish signs of aggravation where steel plating was secured to his shoulder, the indentations left in fair skin where hems of clothing settled, and beneath grayed hair, lines of old silvered scarring.

With everything in order, the human turned on his heel with a soft exhalation, running his flesh hand through his crisply trimmed goatee.  Disgruntled with his lonely musings, he strode purposefully into the larger room at the back of the cabin, navigating the way past equipment to open area.  Rocking forward on the balls of his feet, he lifted his arms in familiar opening boxer’s stance, settling his feet apart.

Despair would do nothing but weigh him down, and the clutch of molded steel at his shoulder was weight enough.




« The Real Africa : Fight The Stereotype » by Thiri Mariah Boucher




Bloody wish someone had ironed the flags before taking the photos though.

I would never defend rape, so I hope this won't offend . But my perception as to why the scene was like that, was to show how twisted Jaime and Cersei's relationship is. They believe they love each other when neither knows what it means, but they've carried their incestual relationship for so long that it's all they know. Also Cersei, as a character, views love as a weakness, so while she may have feelings of longing, she would hesitate to show them. Still,did not expect it to go down like that.




I guess they could have been going for that, but if they were, I didn’t really see it that way. I wanted to post tat collection of reviews because I thought there were some good points.

 Also because I feel really embarrassed for the show, and that people who haven’t read the books will see this and just think that ASOIAF is just about abuse towards women, when really GRRM’s women are so strong and interesting.  

Thiis this this. I’m worried for the ramifications of this on Cersei’s character, but also for Jaime’s, and not just in relation to each other.  As has been stated in other reviews, Jaime had saved Brienne from this fate last season.  I don’t understand why they made the change unless this is somehow how they perceived their “love” scene to be, but the book clearly wasn’t rape because she consented eventually.

Jaime was on his path to (semi) redemption, but this?  I feel like this was an unintentional character assassination, and I worry about what it will do for the rest of the character development for these two.  I hope, at the very least, that they make it clear as to their purpose come the next episode(s), although I’m not certain anything they can do at this point will smooth over what has been done.

Has anyone seen/heard what Martin has said about it, if anything?  It has me wondering if he perceived that scene to be this way, too. I doubt it is considering how perceptive he is and how intensely he writes realistic reactions.

I just wonder how much they’re going to veer this away.  I’m okay with a lot of the changes from the books that they’ve made so far, but this one boggles me and saddens me infinitely.  I fear they may have just twisted and ruined one of my favorite characters.

Here are GRRM’s comments on the scene, he doesn’t defend the change but he doesn’t outrightly criticise the change. 

“In the novels, Jaime is not present at Joffrey’s death, and indeed, Cersei has been fearful that he is dead himself, that she has lost both the son and the father/ lover/ brother. And then suddenly Jaime is there before her. Maimed and changed, but Jaime nonetheless. Though the time and place is wildly inappropriate and Cersei is fearful of discovery, she is as hungry for him as he is for her.

The whole dynamic is different in the show, where Jaime has been back for weeks at the least, maybe longer, and he and Cersei have been in each other’s company on numerous occasions, often quarreling. The setting is the same, but neither character is in the same place as in the books, which may be why [producers] played the sept out differently. But that’s just my surmise; we never discussed this scene, to the best of my recollection.

Also, I was writing the scene from Jaime’s POV, so the reader is inside his head, hearing his thoughts. On the TV show, the camera is necessarily external. You don’t know what anyone is thinking or feeling, just what they are saying and doing.

If the show had retained some of Cersei’s dialogue from the books, it might have left a somewhat different impression — but that dialogue was very much shaped by the circumstances of the books, delivered by a woman who is seeing her lover again for the first time after a long while apart during which she feared he was dead. I am not sure it would have worked with the new timeline.

That’s really all I can say on this issue. The scene was always intended to be disturbing… but I do regret if it has disturbed people for the wrong reasons.” from here



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